Tracking Open Job Issues (Version 2.0)

One of the key attributes of a good construction engineer is the ability to keep track of what is going on. Open loops. Tasks needing attention. What problems need solving. Who is solving them. I’ve […]


Pile Driving Refusal

If you’ve been involved in driving piles, then you certainly know what happens when you are getting into your bearing strata: The piston starts popping out of the cylinder, the lower-muffled “bangs” on the pile […]


Embankment Construction Technical References

When it comes to technical references, I like a minimalistic library. I don’t like to keep reference materials I never use. I like high-quality resources. I like my tools to be readily available, sharp, and […]


Search & Rescue Gear List

So what happens when you combine a civil engineer who likes to be prepared for anything life might throw at him with a Search and Rescue volunteer who wants to have a gear bag with, […]