Q&A – Software for Engineers

What would be the best software I could learn as a fresh civil graduate? Let’s face it: There is A LOT of software that engineers can and do use. Let me give you 2 of […]


Engineering Minimalism

When is the last time you did some house cleaning? Some purging. Boxing & bagging and donating? It is liberating on one hand to see things getting cleaned. It is also frustrating seeing my hourly […]


Broken Mary

One of the cooler things you get to do when you run your own website is that you can write about whatever you want without the fear of having some entity taking it down because […]

No Picture

I Miss My Magazine Subscriptions

As I sat down to do some writing this evening, I looked to my left in our living room where my wife has a stack of magazines, has to be at least 8″ tall. Unfortunately, […]