Preparing for the Operation

Episode 20 – How well are you preparing for the work day? Are you putting in the “mental reps” prior to heading out to the site to meet with your crews? Are you prepared to […]


Pile Driving Refusal

If you’ve been involved in driving piles, then you certainly know what happens when you are getting into your bearing strata: The piston starts popping out of the cylinder, the lower-muffled “bangs” on the pile […]


Making Adjustments

Episode 19 – The construction industry is about as dynamic of an industry as there is. Think about it: Every project is different. Multitudes of issues, problems, paperwork, people & personalities, weather conditions, you name […]


Taking Responsibility

Episode 18 – We’ve all know that there are times to lead, and times to follow. But in the same breath, there are times to take full responsibility, but there are times when, although you […]


Q&A – Software for Engineers

What would be the best software I could learn as a fresh civil graduate? Let’s face it: There is A LOT of software that engineers can and do use. Let me give you 2 of […]