Engineering Minimalism

When is the last time you did some house cleaning? Some purging. Boxing & bagging and donating? It is liberating on one hand to see things getting cleaned. It is also frustrating seeing my hourly […]

No Picture

I Miss My Magazine Subscriptions

As I sat down to do some writing this evening, I looked to my left in our living room where my wife has a stack of magazines, has to be at least 8″ tall. Unfortunately, […]


2021 National Work Zone Awareness Week

The statistics are daunting: In 2019, 135 construction workers lost their lives in construction work zones. I work in work zones. My co-workers work in work zones. Our clients and the contractors we work with […]


Episode 16 – Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is one of those skills that, for myself, I probably take for granted. My mind works very practically. I like to work with my hands. I don’t like asking for help. I like […]