Your Career Arc

Episode 22 – It’s nice to be back with you all!! The couple-of-month hiatus is past, just too much else going on… A couple of weeks ago, those of us at our company received our […]


Taking Initiative

Episode 21 – How many times do we find ourselves on-site, or in the field office, where we see something that we think could be improved? It could be a process that our team uses, […]


Preparing for the Operation

Episode 20 – How well are you preparing for the work day? Are you putting in the “mental reps” prior to heading out to the site to meet with your crews? Are you prepared to […]


Making Adjustments

Episode 19 – The construction industry is about as dynamic of an industry as there is. Think about it: Every project is different. Multitudes of issues, problems, paperwork, people & personalities, weather conditions, you name […]