Fence Post Stub Removal – Mission Accomplished

There’s something extremely satisfying about tackling and successfully completing a home maintenance task. I am certainly one who feels like there are always 17 more things around the house that need doing. I often times wonder what life would be like living in a 3 bedroom 2 bath condominium or townhouse where everything on the exterior of the building is taken care of. Then I could hire a cleaning service for the inside.

Nah. Not me. That ain’t happening.

I spent the better part of Memorial Day weekend wrestling with a wind-damaged fence that closes off the south side of our backyard. 20 years of weather took a toll on a few of the fence posts-The wet rot combined with some high wind events broke the camel’s back.

I don’t think I need to put to much of a detailed description together, the pictures tell the story. I have to thank the fine folks at YouTube University for giving me the general bones of the solution. I will say that it took me quite a bit of conceptualizing whilst standing in the plumbing aisle at Menards to final craft the rig…..

It was a fun effort that, as most home repair projects are, turned out to take double the time I anticipated. But we got it done….

The Battlefield
Setting Up the Pull Anchor
The Simple Lever
The Setup
Finished Product

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