Failure to Lead

I love the subject of leadership. As much as I like to geek out on technical calculations and engineering principles, I think that, as I age, I am finding much more reward in leading people. […]


It’s More than a Line

I wanted to write a post discussing a design issue that we encountered out here on our site. MicroStation, AutoCADD and the like are the daily tools of choice for almost all designers, and no […]


The Risk of Traffic – Final Chapter

So as I’ve developed in the last 2 posts, traffic control on a construction project exposes just about everyone involved in the process to RISK. A motorcycle accident in 2008 sent me through the legal […]


The Risk of Traffic – Part 2

As I developed in my last post, engineers in construction are often-times thrust into situations of RISK that, in many instances, are completely beyond their direct control. I’m going to take you on a tour […]


The Risk of Traffic – Part 1

We been having a lot of discussions amongst the rank & file in the field office this week. The topic: Traffic Control. For the past few weeks, the intersection of York and Irving Park has […]