Episode 12 – Looking for Problems

We all know people who look to cause problems, and we know people who look to solve problems. There is a dichotomy in the word “Problem:” To some, it becomes a chasm that forces progress to stop, while for others, it becomes a challenge requiring a solution.

For most engineers, problems are why we chose the line of work that we did – Engineering is a constant stream of problems that require solutions. How we choose to look at a problem dictates how we will deal with it. I’m proud to say that, Yes, I am constantly looking for problems.

In this episode, I discuss the construction engineer’s mindset when it comes to looking for problems, I share a story where the term “Problems” meant different things to different factions on a construction project. And I spend some time charting a course for how we can better think about our daily activities on site and how we should ALWAYS be looking for problems to solve.

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