What Makes a Good Construction Inspector?

Episode 023 – I’m excited to be back after a bit of a hiatus! I’ve spent the last couple of months immersed in teaching a course in Construction Surveying, but the spring term has been secured, the final grades have been posted, and I now have time to get back to the podcast.

This episode comes to us by way of a question from the Interwebs. Although I could list dozens of attributes, I discuss six characteristics, traits & skills that I think ALL OF US (not just the younger members of our industry….) can focus on to improve our on-site duties:

  1. Be Squared Away
  2. Constantly Improve Your Communication Skills
  3. Walk Everywhere
  4. Engage with the Field Forces
  5. Get REALLY GOOD with Excel
  6. Strive to Improve Your Situational Awareness

And there’s a Bonus #7 that puts all 6 of the items to work.

I mention Jocko Willink’s book:  The Code. The Evaluation. The Protocols: Striving to Become an Eminently Qualified Human

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