Tracking Open Job Issues (Version 2.0)

For the past several months, I’ve been working on a municipal improvement project. The project is located in a residential subdivision in a southwestern Chicago suburb and has required me to keep dozens of plates spinning simultaneously: On-site troubleshooting, design changes, coordination with the municipalities, residents, local police/fire/schools and of course, working hour-by-hour with the contractor and his activities. It has been one of the most difficult management projects I’ve been involved with, simply from the standpoint of the seemingly dozens of inputs & outputs that require me to have my finger on the pulse of all of them.

I’ve been managing projects for decades and have developed, over the years, numerous different ways and system for tracking open issues. I’ve used Expedition. I’ve used task apps. I’ve used Excel, in spreadsheet & pivot table form. I’ve tried Outlook task flags & To-Do’s, and I’ve tried to incorporate Trello with it. And I know there are dozens of software & applications that are similarly built for managing issues and streamlining processes. But for me, through all the trial & error, the one fail-safe that never lets me down is the simple use of pencil & paper.

For this project, ⁠I’ve built a one-page, hand-written, 4-category tracking sheet that has been perfect for me.⁠ It’s allowed me to review it when I start my day, refer periodically throughout the shift, and update it quickly when issues are added, updated or closed. I’m going to stick with this system as it is simple, easy & maintainable.

The 4 categories of issues I’m tracking are:

1. General List of Open Issues

2. Notifications

3. Tracking Today

4. Inspections

⁠I’ve uploaded a sample here⁠ and have posted a similar link to the template at ⁠⁠. Feel free to check it out. Use it. Change it. Let me know what of it works for you, and/or what you’ve tweaked to customize it for yourself.

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