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A shift in assignments in my duties working for the Illinois Tollway: I’ll be helping to coordinate a 9-contract program that will be changing signage out at numerous toll plazas. Good to be able to get my boots off HQ’s carpet and get them on the pavement.

Working from home since March, 2020: Today is Day 272.


Spring has sprung so outside chores have quickly ramped-up. Slamming the lawn with fert to stay ahead of the neighbors.

Cleaned carpets a couple of weeks ago. Next is purging the basement. I’m always purging the basement….

Physical Preparation

This past week was no gi training at SUDA . A switch flipped in my brain this week: I’ve historically gravitated towards gi training and never been into no gi, but this week, for some reason, I REALLY enjoyed it! I think it’s the need for accuracy in the movement and the positions, you have have less room from being out of position. There’s a technical aspect that, all of a sudden this week, hit me. Very cool, anxious to dive in deeper.

Continuing to grind in the basement. Gladiator Strong (shameless plug). The membership is growing. I’m happy for Zach Even-Esh to see it growing, after so many years of seemingly low numbers.


I have been devouring books lately. Since January, I’ve finished:

–“Man’s Search for Meaning” (Dr. Victor Fankl)

–“Purple Cow” (Seth Godin)

I’m currently reading:

–“Buffalo Wagons” (Elmer Kelton)

–“Team of Rivals” (Doris Kearns Goodwin)

–“Small Unit Leadership (Col. Dandridge M. Malone) – I’m ALWAYS reading this book….

–“The Barbell Prescription” (Jonathon Sullivan & Andy Baker)


Podcasts consume my listening. I’ve parsed down my “Subscribed To” list to ease the inundation of episodes that were coming up in my feed (I’ve kept all of the authors, just want to be a bit more selective).

–Akimbo (Seth Godin)

–Brand You Podcast (Mike Kim)

–Jocko Podcast

–To The Top (Top Mount Apparel Crew, who are BJJ teammates)


So I’m close to starting my YouTube channel – Crazy, I know: Why would I want to do that??? Simple: There’s a need. I see a void in voices talking about civil engineering as it relates to infrastructure construction. I want to fill that niche. If I could get the tech stuff to harmonize (struggling with data & editing issues, my old laptop and SD cards are simply not powerful enough), I’d be up and running. It will happen in the next few weeks, I’m jazzed-up, it will be fun.

Thinking About

–Writing takes practice. Generating a YouTube script takes time. Developing a podcast story line takes time. I just need to keep practicing and putting out the work. It doesn’t count if you don’t put it out there. I’m trying…

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