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Busier than ever doing constructability & traffic control reviews of plans being submitted to the Illinois Tollway.

Working from home since March, 2020: Today is Day 197.


Purging & minimizing our wares, moresoe our kids’ wares (clothes, old toys & non-essentials).

When you own a home, there are ALWAYS chores: Up next, painting the laundry room.

Physical Preparation

Basement jiu jitsu solo drilling. The dojo has been restricted this year, but I’m getting at least 2 nights/week solo drilling to keep my body moving.

Continuing to train 3 to 4 nights a week under Zach Even-Esh and his Gladiator Strong at-home strength training programming.


I have been devouring books lately. Since November, I’ve finished:
–“The Matheny Manifesto” (Mike Matheny)

–“In the Company of Soldiers (Rick Atkinson)

I’m currently reading:

–“Man’s Search for Meaning” (Dr. Victor Fankl)

–“Purple Cow” (Seth Godin)

–“Small Unit Leadership (Col. Dandridge M. Malone)

–“Hal More on Leadership (Mike Guardia)


Podcasts consume my listening:

–Seth Godin’s Start-up School


–Jocko Podcast

–Cleared Hot

–Average Jake Firefighter Podcast


Here at the website, I’ve been writing a lot about training & preparation. I’ve been doing a lot of self-education, making a point of diving into engineering, emergency management, traffic incident management & railroad safety topics. As an industry, civil engineers don’t train enough.

Thinking About

–How can I create training programs for construction engineers?

–How much more “stuff” can we purge out of our house?

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