Keep Paying It Forward

If you’ve been around the surveying world for the past few decades, you can appreciate how far and how fast the industry’s adoption of technology has changed the way we work. The instruments, the data processing abilities combined with the ever-increasing level of accuracy are, to me, mind-blowing.

But, as I tell my Joliet Junior College construction surveying students, you have to be competent in the basics of the craft. To understand that the human eye, looking through a #lieca 24x level, still gives you a greater degree of accuracy & reliability than a #gps receiver, reinforces the need for all of us to continually be mindful that the basics still work.

I had the good fortune of George Bartishell & Dave Mikatinas taking me under their wings as a young 20-something newbie engineer and teaching me the basic of construction surveying. The skills they taught me 30 years ago are, still to this day, useful & implementable. The SDR33 data collectors that reside in our survey supply cabinets at JJC are constant reminders of where I’ve come from, where I’ve been, and how important it is for me to do the same for others as George & Dave did for me.

REMINDER: You can have a lifelong impact on someone by sharing your knowledge, no matter how big or small. Keep paying it forward, Team!!

PS: If any of you know where I can purchase batteries for these old gems, I would LOVE to power one up. Please reach back if you can help.

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