Taking Responsibility

Episode 18 – We’ve all know that there are times to lead, and times to follow. But in the same breath, there are times to take full responsibility, but there are times when, although you might want to, you can’t. 

In this episode of The Construction Engineering Show, I take a step into accepting responsibility. Being a leader requires taking ownership of everything that happens on your watch. Leading yourself, your crew, assisting the client, the agency you are working for, it’s all part of being a professional field engineer. 

We all want to be good leaders. We all are willing to take responsibility for the going’s-on on our jobsites. But we have to acknowledge that there are, in fact, times when we simply do not have direct control over the situation. And in those instances, I argue, it’s OK to allow others to be responsible.

I discuss 4 “Situations of Responsibility,” each with its own level: 

1. Full Responsibility 

2. Crew Responsibility 

3. Managerial Responsibility 

4. Project Involvement (and Not Direct Responsibility) 

If you’re interested in listening to Andy Stumpf and the podcast that I mention, you can check it out here:

 Cleared Hot Podcast – Episode 13 – Failure 

You may have some different opinions on the subject: I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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