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Now Archive – January 1, 2021

Work Busier than ever doing constructability & traffic control reviews of plans being submitted to the Illinois Tollway. Working from home since March, 2020: Today is Day 197. Home Purging & minimizing our wares, moresoe […]


Episode 15 – Basics for the Win

How many tools do you really need (figuratively speaking, of course) to be effective in your work? How complicated are your systems? Do you spend more time updating spreadsheets, typing up emails or trying to […]


Clean Machine, Healthy Bottom Line

Passing this one along – Always good to remind myself of what “should,” by now, be a habit. I haven’t been spending as much time in my work vehicle as I did at the start […]


What Kind of Industry Do You Work In?

The heavy highway construction industry has it all: Big machines moving big iron, aggregate & earth. And Civil Engineers are at the heart it. Looking for an exciting career – Grab your boots and your hardhat and come GET SOME!! […]

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Maintain Forward Movement

It’s impossible for me to not think about why I’m doing all of this. Why I am spending my time uploading information to a seeming empty hole in the ground. Feedback loops are small. I […]