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I’m Proud to be A Worker

One of the traits that I’m most-proud of learning from my dad and my grandfathers was that of being handy. They maintained their homes. They fixed things. Almost everything. They took care of their homes, […]


A Construction Engineer’s Toolbox

Recently, I was doing my end-of-construction-season toolbox inventory – I cleaned-out my kit, did some equipment checks, made a list of a few items that I need to pick-up/replenish/replace. I thought it would be cool […]


Rub Some Dirt on It

Slap Shot 🏒 + Left Foot 🦶 = Blocked Shot 🥅 Blocked Shot 🏒 / Left Foot 🦶 = Broken Appendage 🤕 52 year old Male x Never Quit Attitude 💪🏼🇺🇸 = Immediate Care Frequent […]