I’m Proud to be A Worker

One of the traits that I’m most-proud of learning from my dad and my grandfathers was that of being handy. They maintained their homes. They fixed things. Almost everything. They took care of their homes, their yards, and their vehicles. My mom’s dad built his house in Lansing, Illinois – BUILT IT, WITH HIS OWN HANDS & LABOR. How often do you see that….not often.


As a kid, I learned from them. My dad had me helping him around the house. Around the yard. We painted. We plumbed. We worked on the roof. In the basement. On the cars.


I learned to tinker by trying. We had alleys in our neighborhood, and I used to garbage-pick TV’s & radios. I loved breaking them down, trying to fix broken ones.


I like to think of myself in that same vain – I’m not afraid of trying to fix anything that I own. I hate giving people money to fix things at our home if I think I can do it myself.


I am a masters candidate at YouTube University – I have learned so many repairs from guys who have taken the time to post how they’ve fixed things like appliances and cars. I take the credit for doing the work, but not always for the “Instruction Manuals” for getting there….

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