Clean Machine, Healthy Bottom Line

Passing this one along – Always good to remind myself of what “should,” by now, be a habit. I haven’t been spending as much time in my work vehicle as I did at the start […]


Episode 11 – Tailgate Talks

On this episode of the Construction Engineering Show, I discuss Tailgate Talks.  What is a “Tailgate Talk?” I think it is one of the best ways that I know of for starting the work shift off […]


Episode 6 – Developing a Safety Mindset

This episode of the Construction Engineering Show focuses on ideas for developing a safety mindset. “Working Safe” requires us to be actively looking and thinking about our surroundings, the operations we are involved with and […]


TAILGATE TALK – COVID-19 Reopening Checklist

Today is “Working Day #38 of Sequestration” for me – Our office ceased operations due to the pandemic on Monday, March 16, 2020.   I’ve purposely shied away from discussing pandemic-related topics here on the […]