Episode 17 – Career Advancement in Construction (in My Humble Opinion…)

We are in a world where we are constantly being told that we need to advance our careers. We see and hear from lots of sources that may or may not be credible when it comes to the construction and engineering industries, giving us “tips and tricks” that will lead us to a corner office.

While the over-arching goal of striving towards a goal is extremely important, the rate at which our growth actually occurs doesn’t always match-up.

In this episode of the Construction Engineering Show, I do some “debunking” of the myth that advancing in your career is simple if you “…just do X, Y & Z.” Advancement and job security in our industry isn’t based on time served or credit hours, it comes from hard work, dedication to your craft, and your ability to be a value to your team, your company and the industry.

My opinions on this topic are pretty staunch: I’d be interested to hear what you think. Connect with me and let me know – Cheers!!

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