Hildebranski.com Was Hacked!!!

Hey Crew!

So after posting 30+ articles, I’d like to think that you have a little glimmer into the kinds of things that make me tick. Well, I can tell you that the word “tick” only touches on my state of mind as I post this short article because…


You know, when I set-out to build this site, all I’ve ever wanted to do was share information. I didn’t want to learn how to write computer code, or learn about meta-data or algorithms or malware or any of that computer shyt, I just wanted to write. Now, I’ve quickly being forced to learn about a whole lot of stuff that is of absolutely zero interest to me.

A couple of months ago, my web hosting service notified me that someone was using several of my webpages to spawn phishing emails. I still really don’t know what that means, but I knew enough to know that it wasn’t good. After trading a dozen or so emails with my hosting company’s tech support folks, combined with my limited knowledge of cyber stuff, the only viable solution that I could implement to fix it was for me to wipe out all of my files and rebuild the site from scratch.

Talk about a kick in the groin….

I realize that my site isn’t a major player in cyberspace, and I understand that you haven’t been sitting on the edge of your chair waiting for my next article to post. But as I’ve said before, I made a commitment to you to try to develop content that makes all of us a little better engineers, and with this glitch, I haven’t been keeping my commitment. Granted, it’s out of my control, but nonetheless, I don’t like breaking anyone’s trust.

So over the course of the past 2 months, I’ve had to basically rebuild all 30+ of the articles. I was able to preserve the typed content, but some of the image libraries are what the asshole who leaked into my site corrupted. Obviously, none of this effected you or your machine, but the turd planted enough garbage in my files that I had to take everything down. Fortunately, my web hosing company caught it, shut down my site until I could get the files purged & reloaded.

But here’s the good news – I’M BACK UP AND RUNNING!!!

And the even cooler news – I DECIDED TO REVAMP THE SITE!!!

I went ahead and spent a couple of shekels and purchased a different WordPress theme (which, in digital-speak, is basically the site’s layout…). It’s taken me a few weeks to get things formatted, and I still have some details to clean-up, but I think you’ll agree, it looks a lot different than the old layout. I think it’s more user-friendly. And what is really great is how well it adapts to mobile devices….

So the long-and-short: I’m excited to have the site back up-and-running. I’ve got 2 new articles in the hopper ready to be released, and during the tech hiatus, I’ve been logging plenty of ideas for new articles that I’m excited about digging into. It’s good to be back….

Hit me up & let me know how you like the new layout – Give me both good & bad feedback, I’ll always put your thoughts to good use. And once again, it’s really good to be back.




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