Consistency Trumps Intensity

At 53, I’ve had to recalibrate my mind as to what I consider a “gain” to be. A gain is finishing a 5×5 with something left in the tank, or a good BJJ session where I leave soaked in sweat AND uninjured, or making it through one of Zach Evan Esh’s workouts with a pump and some adrenaline. Chasing numbers is harder now, but just being able to lift and train and work out is a gift, to be healthy and active is a blessing. My goal: To be the example of what mid-life athlete looks like, body, mind & spirit all inclusive. St. Peter isn’t going to get much resale value out of this beat-up, red-lined chassis of mine when I roll-up at his gate…I wouldn’t want to ever think that I wasted the opportunity to use what I have!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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