It’s About Service

Competitive Advantage. As I’ve embarked on this journey of chronicling numerous aspects of my professional work, I’ve been thinking about the trajectory of the content. Where is it going? Who is reading it? Is anyone […]


Sharpening the Saw

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m a Franklin Planner addict. I’ve been using my planner for over 2 decades and couldn’t function without it. One of the early founders in in the “Personal Organization” […]


Failure to Lead

I love the subject of leadership. As much as I like to geek out on technical calculations and engineering principles, I think that, as I age, I am finding much more reward in leading people. […]


Trial & Error

So what’s involved with starting a blog? What is the motivation behind choosing to sit and type with the hopes that someone, who has some similar interest as you do, might stumble onto your writings […]