What the Health

Beth and I watched a documentary on Netflix that (maybe…?) we’ve watched before but that I had forgotten about:


It’s called “What the Health.” It is a documentary that looks at the American diet, animal protein consumption and why a plant based whole foods diet is the way to go. There were so many doctors and nutritional professionals touting how beneficial shifting to a whole food diet is. The show certainly convince me….

I’ve always considers myself to be a decent, conscientious eater: I like to say I’m 80:20 when it comes to eating clean vs. cheats & treats. I’ve been drinking a green shake virtually everyday for the past 10 years. I cut out pasta and “heavier” foods that I used to eat in my 20’s and 30’s. We’ve never eaten a lot of meat in a weekly basis: Chicken, either breasts or on the grill, have been staples around our house thinking it was a good source of clean protein. I love almost all vegetables. I cut out dairy several years ago. So the “80” has been steady.

But of course, I like the other “20” too: I’ve always loved chips. I have a self-diagnosed sweet tooth, but always used in moderation, like a slice of coffee cake, or a few cookies of and handful of M&Ms. I’ve never been one to want, or have the desire to “crush” an entire bag of Oreos. I just like to satisfy the craving, then I’m good.

Watching the documentary flipped a switch for me: What if I went 95:5? What if I was to cut out chicken and the occasional sausage in the jambalaya? How much further could I extend my physical health if I really went all in?

The great part about it is that I really love everything vegan-Vegetables, beans, fruit, potatoes. To make a shift isn’t a sacrifice by any stretch. It’s more a matter of keeping the fridge, freezer and pantry rid of the junk and stocked with what we want/need/enjoy eating.

So I am writing this post as an anchor-The boat is leaving the dock effective today. Let’s see what the next 30 Day Challenge holds. It should be fun to see what happens.

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