Message for the Day: Keeping Records

As Hal Moore served as a Regimental Operations Officer in Korea, he assumed numerous duties in that role that required home to adapt and adjust to the assignment. One of these duties included keeping daily records of the company’s activities. One of his Lessons Learned was this:

Operations journals must be meticulously kept. Entries must be accurate as reported. An entry, once made, can never be changed.

The Message: Whether we like documentation or not, it’s a vital part of what we do in our line of work. Take a quick inventory of how well you are executing your record keeping activities:

  • Am I making regular notes during the day?
  • How clear & concise am I being?
  • Can someone, 2 years from now, read my notes and understand them?
  • How would my notes stand up in, say, an audit, or in a legal or claim proceeding?

It’s always good to step back every once in a while and assess how we’re doing-Make today the day for checking your note taking process.

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