Maintain Forward Movement

It’s impossible for me to not think about why I’m doing all of this. Why I am spending my time uploading information to a seeming empty hole in the ground.

Feedback loops are small. I hit “Publish” and keep my fingers crossed.

It can feel futile.

But is that a reason to be discouraged? Should I just give up because I don’t get 2M likes? I could. But that would be weak.

Information-sharing. Building a following. Being in the right place at the right time with the right information or the right answer.

Helping young construction professional get better – That’s why I’m doing this.

“If you build it they will come.”

I’m not worried about the short-term gains. I’m really not. Building a brand or a business is like jiu jitsu – This journey is never-ending. You never stop learning, growing or getting better. The brain doesn’t, at some point, become full, like a gas tank. It’s continual.

I train. I publish. I podcast. I share.

I stay on top of my own game by sharing my game plan & strategies with others, most of whom I’ve never and probably will never actually meet.

Pete Roberts at Origin Maine.

Zach Evan-Esh at the Underground Strength Gym.

These are the guys who share what they are doing and have charted a course that I want to emulate.

It’s a long road. Just do the work. As Seth Godin writes in his book: If you don’t ship the work, it doesn’t count.


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