I think I’ve inadvertent had my right-side tires riding on the shoulder. I need to pull the wheel and get the truck back on the pavement.

We read to learn. To grow. To become better.

Am I reading for the right reason? Gaining knowledge in MY areas of focus? Adding tools to MY toolbox?

Or am I scanning looking for “content?” Trying to find something that is worth “sharing?” Thinking about what others will find of interest? Or of use?

Why am I worried about everyone else? I mean, yes of course, I’m worried about everyone else’s well being. But why am I concerned about how what I’m reading or learning might be received by those in my circle? Why, all of a sudden, am I focusing my efforts with everyone else in mind first? Whether THEY might find it interesting or useful?

The work is the gift. And I’m putting in the work. I get to reap the initial benefit.

Get the truck back on the pavement.

Read. Learn. Sharpen. Hone my skills. Become better.

THEN, once my tools have been cleaned and prep’d, that is when I can share them with others.

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