Jack’s Graduation

So proud to watch @jackhildebranski cross another threshold on his journey through life. Watching him grow into a young man has been an absolute privilege-Can’t wait to see where the roads ahead take him!! 🎓#humbled […]



Oh how I could go for a shot of Blackberry Brandy right about now… @gdoff88 @given_to_fly #zibbystheman #jezynowka 💪🏼🇺🇸


Happy Mother’s Day

Not quite sure what she was thinking when she said “Yes” to me on Oak Street beach after pizza at Gino’s East, but I sure as hell won the lottery with her answer!!! You’re the […]


Plainfield EMA

The storms have passed but the DuPage River is working overtime and moving the water through the system-Glad to be training tonight (instead of deploying & responding) #plainfieldema 💪🏼🇺🇸


Plainfield Fire Department

Got a great tour of Plainfield Fire Station #2 this evening. The guys gave us a great look into the level of preparedness, talent, knowledge and expertise that each firefighter provides to our community. These […]