When an EF-0 Tornado Hits Your House

I am simply putting this post up to memorialize this past weekend’s event. Quite a weather weekend with storms popping up everywhere on Friday March 31, 2023.

Our neighbor’s fence & tree


It’s not often that you can say you were in the path of a tornado, but in this case, Beth & I can say that we were. Looking at the National Weather Service’s map, our house is virtually under the blue line.

While my eyewitness account is likely one of many, sitting in our living room watching the straight-line winds push one of the posts holding up our front awning move 1″ gives you a real perspective of the forces Mother Nature can pitch.

We were lucky: Except for a roof panel coming off of our shed, our house was undamaged. Miraculously. I say that as houses up and down our block all had some sort of minor damage, be it roof shingles, siding and/or fences that were toppled.

The neighborhood came together for some clean-up and damage inspection. My brothers & sisters from the Plainfield Emergency Management Agency rolled through our neighborhood for damage assessments. We are fortunate/lucky/blessed that there were no injuries to anyone in our immediate area.

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