Time Management vs. Task Management

Hey Crew – It’s so good to check back in with you here on Episode 026. 

With so many task management systems now in existence, there’s an opportunity to turn your To Do list into a job unto itself. Managing your tasks should be a simple exercise: Prioritize and execute, that’s the goal. 

But it’s now easy to become lost in app’s, bogged down in trying to get this app to talk to Outlook, which then needs an add-in to talk back to your task management, which then needs to be updated so it can coordinate with your calendar. In my world, all of that linking of applications does nothing but cause friction. 

In this episode, I discuss my task management system – Tried & true pencil & paper. I’ve spoken about my Franklin Planner and what a anchor it is in what I do day-to-day to keep myself organized. I challenge the listener to take a step back off the line this week and assess how your task management systems are working for you. 

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