Episode 15 – Basics for the Win

How many tools do you really need (figuratively speaking, of course) to be effective in your work? How complicated are your systems? Do you spend more time updating spreadsheets, typing up emails or trying to integrate Trello with Slack and Teams and Outlook? What would happen if you stripped your toolbox down to just what you need?

The Basics.

On this episode of the Construction Engineering Show, I challenge all of us (myself, included) to look at our systems, our tools and our daily work activities and think about the basics of what we actually need. I am convinced that the more I minimize, de-clutter and strip-down all of the distractions & unused information around me, the more efficient I become.

I mentioned in the podcast providing a couple of links to some articles that point in this direction – Check them out:

Resident Engineer’s Toolbox – Task Organization

Resident Engineer’s Toolbox – The Dashboard

And if you’re interested in checking out Zach Even-Esh, here’s a link to his website and the programming that I use to workout (no, these are not sponsored links – I’ve been training with Zach for years, he’s simply one of the best in the business in both strength AND life)

The Underground Strength Gym

Gladiator Strong Online Training

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