This site was created in November, 2015 and has been years in the making. I'm still in diapers and need to become educated on Wordpress and how to format information & the like. Crawl, then walk, then run.... Was Hacked!!!

07/10/2017 0

Hey Crew! So after posting 30+ articles, I’d like to think that you have a little glimmer into the kinds of things that make me tick. Well, I can tell you that the word “tick” Read More

Googling Isn’t Engineering

03/03/2017 0

When is the last time that you used “Free Body Diagram” in a sentence? You smiled after you read that, right? You were immediately teleported back to a simpler time. Your high school Physics class, Read More

It’s About Service

01/17/2017 6

Competitive Advantage. As I’ve embarked on this journey of chronicling numerous aspects of my professional work, I’ve been thinking about the trajectory of the content. Where is it going? Who is reading it? Is anyone Read More

Sharpening the Saw

01/04/2017 0

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m a Franklin Planner addict. I’ve been using my planner for over 2 decades and couldn’t function without it. One of the early founders in in the “Personal Organization” Read More

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