A Construction Engineer’s Toolbox

Recently, I was doing my end-of-construction-season toolbox inventory – I cleaned-out my kit, did some equipment checks, made a list of a few items that I need to pick-up/replenish/replace. I thought it would be cool […]


TAILGATE TALK – Potholing Utilities

Underground utilities are everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! They are a vital part of our modern society – But if you’re a Construction Engineer, they are nothing but mines in a a minefield. In my article on Knowing […]


Sharpening the Saw

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m a Franklin Planner addict. I’ve been using my planner for over 2 decades and couldn’t function without it. One of the early founders in in the “Personal Organization” […]


Prime Coat Calculations for IDOT

About a year ago, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) changed the way it measures & pays for bituminous prime coat. What used to be a simple computation became complicated (just like everything in construction anymore….). [...]

It’s About Service

Competitive Advantage. As I’ve embarked on this journey of chronicling numerous aspects of my professional work, I’ve been thinking about the trajectory of the content. Where is it going? Who is reading it? Is anyone [...]

Honoring Firefighters

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