This site was created in November, 2015 and has been years in the making. I'm still in diapers and need to become educated on Wordpress and how to format information & the like. Crawl, then walk, then run....
  • Was Hacked!!!

    Hey Crew! So after posting 30+ articles, I’d like to think that you have a little glimmer into the kinds of things that make me tick. Well, I can tell you that the word “tick” Read More
  • When Slopes Fail – Part 2

    In this, Part 2 of my series on slope stability & erosion control failures, I want to dissect another jobsite failure that one of our projects suffered through a couple of years ago. The conditions, Read More
  • Prime Coat Calculations for IDOT

    About a year ago, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) changed the way they measure & pay for bituminous prime coat. What used to be a simple computation became complicated (just like everything in construction anymore….). Read More

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